For those that are Bold enough to change their lives and Brave enough to walk in it


Join us for a transformative two-day journey at our second annual Bold and Brave conference in the heart of Charlotte, NC. This year, under the theme “Boldly United, Breaking Barriers and Building Bridges,” we invite you to explore and embrace the power of unity through courage and compassionate action. Our carefully crafted sessions are designed to empower you to break through personal and societal barriers, fostering connections that bridge diverse experiences and perspectives.

Unleashing Potential, Empowering Change:
At Bold and Brave, we believe in the profound strength of unity to overcome the divides that fragment our communities and our inner lives. Whether you’re seeking to heal from past hurts, challenge your biases, or engage in meaningful dialogue, this conference offers a platform for growth, learning, and impactful change.

Engage, Connect, Transform:
Prepare to dive deep into interactive sessions where you will be equipped with the tools to:

Forge Stronger Connections: Learn the art of bold forgiveness and turn past grievances into gateways for empowerment.

Expand Your Horizons: Step outside your comfort zone and cultivate a genuine appreciation for ‘the other’ through curiosity and open dialogue.

Rewrite Your Narrative: Discover how owning your personal story can transform your approach to unity and community engagement.

Embrace Uncomfortable Conversations: Gain skills to turn challenging interactions into opportunities for collaboration and understanding.

Activate Compassion: Channel your fears into fierce compassion and become an agent of social change.

Who Should Attend?
Bold and Brave is the essential conference for thought leaders, activists, educators, and anyone committed to fostering a more inclusive, understanding, and united society. Whether you are looking to make a difference in your personal life, your community, or on a broader scale, you will find inspiration, practical knowledge, and a supportive community here.

Join Us and Be Part of the Change
Don’t miss this opportunity to participate in a groundbreaking event where every conversation, session, and story is a step towards building a more united and compassionate world. Register today to secure your spot at Bold and Brave: Boldly United, Breaking Barriers, and Building Bridges.
Let’s break barriers together and build bridges towards a future where unity and compassion pave the way for collective empowerment and change.

Boldly Unified: Breaking Barriers, Building Bridges

  • Date 27-28 September, 2024
  • Keynote Speakers Samuel Sanestin
    Dr.Heidi Gregory-Mina
    Dr. Linda Hart Huff
  • Host Dr. Loretta Sanders
  • Location Host Antonio Wilder
    Lesonya Wilder
  • Speakers Kristi Straw
    Elizabeth Olujimi
    Charles Smith
    Whitney Jones
  • Location 2601 ROCKY RIVER RD, CHARLOTTE NC 28213
Bold & Brave

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